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Friday, February 02, 2007

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Business Expansion Using Networking Organizations

Online networking organizations like Direct Matches, Ryze, My Space and Adland Pro are growing at a phenomenal rate. Professional organizations with international memberships are becoming more and more popular for internet marketers. The distinctive feature of Direct Matches is that membership is by invitation only and it is required that interested parties obtain an invitation link to join. So, here is your invitation link to join right now and post your business profile for free. Paid members can even pursue earning a residual income with Direct Matches.


Creating Free Reports to Capture Leads

Statistics show that information products continue to be high in global sales volume.
People are hungry for new information and eager to learn of "secrets revealed". For some, just learning one new idea is worhth the money spent on a CD program, eBook, or other informational piece. With that said, I have found it rather easy to create a simple informational report to give away for free in an effort to capture leads for my primary business. READ MORE IN MY ARTICLE

Lead Capture Pages Are The Key To Internet Marketing

Lead Capture Pages are essential to the process of creating a list to market to. When a lead capture page serves as a gateway to a website, a prospect qualifies himself as a serious prospect when he completes the form to gain access to a website. Once the neame is captured, this prospect now moves into the stages of establishing an online relationship with the owner of the website. Through a series of emails delivered by an autoresponder system, the goal is to establish rapport, build trust, create name recognition, and ultimately create a sale.

Your Spam Box Is A Pot of Gold

Most people would agree that the bulk mailbox fills up all too quickly with unwanted mail from every possible internet marketer trying to promote their goods and/or services. But what if you as a business person could turn these unwanted emails into welcomed email? More junk mail may just be the way to more wealth.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Why Start A Home Business And Never Quit" Officially Launched

"Why Start" is an exciting opportunity and website offered by the developers of Jaguar/Predator. This can be considered a feeder program, but it has incredible value for the price. This amazing tool
and training program is available for the rock bottom price of $34.95
set up and $29.95 per month thereafter.

But wait, there is a whole lot more to this. The features include: A
marketing website that you will use to promote your primary business.
A website with a compelling Movie to motivate your prospect to take
action. A backoffice with several powerful training modules with
useful information to grow your business. Live interactive online
training with top internet leaders, like Paul Stanton and Rose Bassett,
FIVE DAYS A WEEK. And the best part is the compensation plan. This
program pays out $20 for every new person you enroll and residual
income down to three levels, making this a money maker as well.

Take a look HERE. See My Recent Press Release

Las Vegas Magician Rick Thomas Teams up with XanGo

Rick Thomas and Corey Citron, the developer of the Discover Mangosteen Website and Marketing System have launched their new creative website.

This one of a kind creation is a masterpiece, and webmasters can feast their eye on this incredible piece of work. The screen comes alive as Rick Thomas unfolds the magic of the mangosteen fruit from Southeast Asia in his testimonial introduction. Corey Citron completes the presentation with a four part video outlining the company, XangO, the product, the opportunity and the compensation plan. Curiosity alone is drawing viewers to this website and compelling them to sign the lead capture page to gain entry to the website. To see it for yourself, go HERE

Jaguar Marketing System Mirrors Predator Marketing System

The Jaguar Marketing System website is a mirror image of the Predator Site, just a new name.
For some, the name change may be a significant marketing improvement, since the word alone "Predator" can have a negative tone while the strength and speed of the Jaguar has more of a positive tone.

Either System can be promoted when you purchase through either website.
Recent additions to the site provide for more program options. Now an individual can buy ala carte items instead of the entire Platinum Package which sells for $3995. The Platinum Package is the most comprehensive , but the ala carte items can be purchased right from the website. Any purchases made pay out a commission to the Jaguar/Predator Member, resulting in more income streams for the owner of the website. View the Site HERE

Dubbs Marketing Site Added to Easy Daily Cash

Members of Easy Daily Cash Gold can now choose to have the Dubbs Marketing Site, which has statistically shown to have a very high conversion rate of sign-ups for EDC Gold. Dave Dubbs has been a network marketer for ten years and has developed a successful online business.
He explains the programs contained in EDC with a series of audios.

There are new improvements underway with the Dubbs Marketing Website all to help the members of EDC to grow their internet business.
Look at the new site HERE.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Easy Daily Cash Goes Gold Dec 1

Easy Daily Cash is an expanded supply of software and ebooks with titles that will help any online business. EDC provides a very comprehensive array of
software covering topics like autoresponders, email writing, ezines, website development, and much much more. Most of these titles come with resale rights.
Go to the website to see more. My Recent Press Release

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Direct Matches is another way to network with fellow networkers all around the world. Are you looking to expand your business to Japan or the UK? Direct Matches allows you to search using various search criteria. Not only will you benefit from the service, but Direct Matches offers a binary compensation plan for all its paid members. While promoting your primary business, you can still get paid promoting Direct Matches. This not only expands your list but puts another income stream in your business portfolio. Membership is by invitation only. Go to the link and sign up for free. For more information see my PRESS RELEASE.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Don't Monkey Around With Just Any System

Work from home with a program in place like Predator can build confidence for those who want to start a home business. With the fierce competition on the internet, it is not easy to earn income on the internet without the proper tools. Predator is the Rolls Royce of marketing systems, but I also have used Pay It Forward 4 Profits to help generate a list of prospects. Predator is the catalyst to move those leads into money making opportunities in my business portfolio. I have chosen XanGo and Easy Daily Cash for my Predator portfolio, hoping to appeal to a wide range of budgets and preferences. As I have been told in the past, it’s not about making the money, it’s about not missing the money. Offering choices to prospects can help eliminate losing a potential customer.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I recently added EASY DAILY CASH to my portfolio of work from home businesses. EDC is a mammoth collection of software and e-books that have a retail value of $115,000. The package can be purchased for $297 and resold for the same.(100% commission paid to you after the first two qualifying sales are made)Now, I know that sounds pretty bazaar, having that much software and materials for such a low price. But it's true. For $29 per month you have the website to market the package. Many of the topics are related to running a business or resources to help with an existing business. This package is affordable for most people so your percentage of closed sales is improved. The founders of the program are available and actually pick up the phone when you call the number on the website. They will actually close the sale for you. All you have to do is invite people to look at the website. In addition, EDC offers a backoffice filled with more marketing resources and recorded training calls.
For the creative entrepreneur, this package has so much earning potential.Knowledge is always in high demand. People who desire to work at home and start an internet business need to take a look at this. Using the marketing techniques from Predator, one can apply the information to successfully start a home business. You can download a sample package of software and e-books by going to the website and scrolling half way down till you get to the request box. Get ready for a big surprise. This sample is huge.

See my recent PRESS RELEASE

Monday, October 16, 2006

Predator is the 21st Century Business Model

Predator Marketing System offers a means by which the average person can make money online. Many folks are looking to make money online, whether it be with e-bay or any number of offerings available today. A business internet startup is challenging to say the least, but with the right tools and training, success is possible.
See my most recent PRESS RELEASE